Thad Cochran Humanities Achievement Award

Thad Cochran Humanities Achievement Award Picture

First established in 2009, the Thad Cochran Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities honors the late Senator Thad Cochran, long-time Republican Senator for Mississippi, for his support and tireless efforts on behalf of the humanities in Mississippi. He was and is a driving force in supporting the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Mississippi Humanities Council, and the Mississippi Arts Commission. He has been instrumental in the success of the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration since its inception and is an active member of our steering committee.

Each year, the co-chairman and her awards committee choose a worthy candidate from the state of Mississippi who, like Senator Cochran, has dedicated years of time, talent, and expertise to the field of humanities in Mississippi and the surrounding region. Traditionally, the award is presented publicly at the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration each February and appears on the conference agenda.

Past recipients:
2009: G. Mark LaFrancis
2010: Jerry W. Ward, Jr.
2011: Richard Howorth
2012: Alferdteen Harrison
2013: Cora Norman
2014: Barbara Carpenter
2015: James F. Barnett, Jr.
2016: Carolyn Vance Smith
2017: Elbert R. Hilliard
2018: Dr. David Sansing and Dr. John D.W. Guice
2019: Dr. John F. Marszalek