Graduation/Transfer Picture

Applying for Graduation

The deadline to apply for Fall 2019 Graduation is Friday, October 4, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.

Students must:

  1. Submit to Enrollment Services/Admissions Office a completed and signed application for graduation.
  2. Submit to Enrollment Services/Admissions Office a degree plan or graduation checklist signed by their advisor, signifying that if the term is successfully completed by the student, then the student will meet graduation requirements.
  3. Pay $40 graduation fee at the business office ***(This fee is waived for those that do not participate in the graduation ceremony)***  

*Applications turned in after the deadline will be charged a late fee of $15.*

The Application for graduation and Graduation Checklist are available in Enrollment Services/Admissions Office.

  • Wesson Campus
    Henley Building
    Phone: 601.643.8309
  • Natchez Campus
    Tom Reed Academic Building
    Phone: 601.442.9111
  • Simpson County Center
    Parker Academic Building
    Phone: 601.849.0122


Mississippi Community Colleges have an articulation agreement for students who plan to transfer to one of Mississippi’s eight public universities. Each university will accept courses listed in the articulation plan for over 150 majors without loss of credit toward the conclusion of the four-year degree. Co-Lin students should discuss with their advisor transfer requirements and consult the catalog of the institution they plan to attend. Additional information on articulation is located below using the MATT tool.

To request a Co-Lin transcript, click here. The first mailed official transcript is free of charge. All other mailed official transcripts are $2 each. All faxed transcripts are $5 each and unofficial. High school transcripts cannot be released; you must contact your high school.

To request a transcript from schools/GED, click here.